The Ohio State Alumni Club of Greater Jacksonville has been active in northeast Florida for many years. Through the effort of past club presidents like alumni Susan Welch, “Buckeye Bill” Clemons, Bill Bainbridge, Brad Smith, Scott Winer, and Bob Maiolo, the club has been committed to giving back to the university by sponsoring numerous events and activities in and around the tri-county area. During the fall, football game watches at the BlackFinn Restaurant in St. Johns Town Center have been extremely popular. The club has been more than just about football. We have conducted social gatherings, golf outings and special speaking events. Some of the speakers who have visited the club include Buckeye greats Craig Krenzel, Jeff Logan and Archie Griffin. Club members have always had an attitude that something good will happen if a bunch of Buckeyes get together.

The purpose of the Alumni Club of Greater Jacksonville is both social and functional. Because the club operates hundreds of miles from Columbus, it provides a great opportunity for those who grew up in Ohio or attended Ohio State to gather and have a valuable social network system available to them. More importantly, the club has an underlying mission to help raise money for scholarships that will ultimately help several deserving students get their degree from The Ohio State University!

In 2014, the club raised $8,000 from our game watch partner BlackFinn and an additional $4,500 through raffle sales and donations!