New Game Watch Location Information

Just five years ago, upon the closing of BW-3 on Bay Meadows, the board selected a new site for our game watches, Blackfinn at St John Town Center. At that time Ohio State would have at most 1 night game a year. This year we have five scheduled night games out of 12 (almost half). As such the board decided to review the location for the Jacksonville Game Watch.

A list of considerations:

1. The tremendous success of Blackfinn’s overall business especially on Saturday Nights at times limited seating availability on the patio as the Saloon was full.

2. The nightclub atmosphere at the St John Town Center on the weekend evenings is not compatible with our alumni and fan base. Families etc.

3. Parking is difficult on Saturday nights.

4. Daytime game watches at Blackfinn and Night Game watches at an alternative location would be too confusing.

5. The new ESPN/Fox TV contract assures us that the frequency of night games will not abate anytime soon.

After careful review and consideration by the board we have chosen Whiskey Jax at Marsh Landing Opening soon as it is only 5 minutes away from our current location and will have more parking, less traffic and all Buckeyes all the time!

We think you will enjoy some new specials, including:

  • Indoor seating 240 and patio 60!
    • Over 2x saloon seating capacity
  • Better drink and food specials
  • Huge 12′ projection TV
  • 70” (x4) 65” (x3) 60” (x2) TVs

Wall to wall Buckeyes ONLY and no competing game watches!
More seating will ensure you will can sit to watch and hear the game!
Whiskey Jax will meet the growing needs of our club!

This was by no means an easy decision as Blackfinn has been an excellent partner both as a host and contributor to our scholarship fund. As circumstances change it is our job as a board to evaluate the changes and adapt accordingly to maintain our organization’s ability to continue funding scholarships. As a board we would like to thank Blackfinn for their tireless support of our game watches and the preparation that was part of the events.


Jax Buckeyes Board